Our vision

To keep abreast of regulations and proposals relating to the status of foreign wives of Nigerian citizens resident in Nigeria and to establish or assist in social projects of benefit to the Nigerian community.

Computer Training Courses Our ICT training courses equip the blind and visually impaired with the necessary computer skills to work in a sighted environment as these. This course is also offered on a residential basis.

Our Team

The Nigerwives Book Production Centre team consists of 4 paid staff 2 of whom are visually impaired; we also encourage lifelong learning staff by allowing our staff to undertake part-time courses so as to improve their skills, knowledge and qualifications. The centre coordinator is an unpaid volunteer.


Braille Book Production

We currently have over 325 titles for primary, secondary and tertiary students available for order on our booklist with new books constantly added. 

Braille Reading Project

Our partnership with the Braille Institute Press United States enables us to build reading corners in any school in Nigeria where visually impaired pupils are enrolled. 

Educational & Mobility Aids

We import essential aids like four-fold cane, slate & stylus, and tailor frame and abacus for mathematics.

Maths Workshops

 Math can be a challenging subject to a sighted student not to mention a blind one. We have developed a math workshop for both student and teacher to address these challenges..


To provide educational services for the blind to enable them to achieve their optimum educationally and attain an independent livelihood as adults, contributing positively to the communities in which they live and work. 

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